Top Shelf Cyber Security Webinar

Top Shelf Cyber Security Webinar


With the onset of COVID 19 earlier this year, employers were suddenly forced to have their people leave the office and start to work from home.  While many security professionals and corporate executives have viewed this as a temporary situation, it is becoming clear that extending their work-from-home policies into 2021 and beyond to protect their employees will be necessary.  Indeed, this is very likely to become the new normal for many businesses whose workforce will remain highly distributed for the foreseeable future.

While security teams have adapted and protected the remote enterprise during this time, many security team’s tactics have leveraged a short-term approach. As enterprises continue to have their employees working remotely, longer-term security strategies must be in place that will continue to safeguard remote employees while protecting distributed enterprise assets.

Join us on November 5 for this informative webinar where we will discuss why security professionals need to change their security strategies to support a remote workplace over the long run, recommendations on setting security standards for the remote workplace, best practices for keeping your organization’s cloud environment secure and advice for building a security-first business model that is adaptable and responds to changing business and threat conditions.

Jeff Lockwood – Jeff Lockwood is Founder and Principle at Invicta Solutions Group. Jeff brings over 20 years’ experience in technology and cybersecurity consulting and professional services.

About – Invicta Solutions Group is a leading Cyber Security, Systems Engineering Professional Services and Talent Management firm that helps companies expand cloud adoption and reduce vulnerabilities of their business applications, critical data, and intellectual property. The company is a Veteran Owned Small Business that supports commercial and federal clients throughout the US.

John Doetch – John Doetch is world-wide director of systems engineering at Obsidian Security. John has extensive experience in the cyber market including Check Point, Palo Alto systems, and ForeScout.

About – Obsidian provides a simple yet powerful security platform that delivers unified visibility and monitoring across SaaS applications to protect against breaches, detect threats, and respond to incidents with zero impact to productivity. Obsidian is the first cloud detection and response platform in the market.