How secure is your organization?

ISG’s security experts analyze where you currently sit on the maturity spectrum, devise a path forward, and help you garner buy-in from organizational stakeholders to improve your security posture. After the assessment, we can also help implement the robust security program your organization needs.

Zero Trust in the federal landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for secure digital connectivity in an increasingly hostile digital landscape. As technology becomes more integrated into how we work, the threat of malicious actors makes our nation’s complex and often fragile systems more vulnerable than ever before. Further, critical infrastructure such as power grids, factories, and water treatment facilities are replacing analog controls with digital technology, deepening our reliance upon, and need for, secure infrastructure and defense against cyberattacks.

2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy

Major cybersecurity attacks such as SolarWinds (2020), the Microsoft Exchange Server data breach (2021), Colonial Pipeline (2021), and Log4Shell (2021-2022) serve to highlight our Nation’s deepening dependence on digital technology and the vulnerabilities associated with that shift. As a result, the Biden administration’s 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy emphasizes collaborative defense of the digital ecosystem, space system security, national AI initiatives, safeguarding networks, infrastructure investments and digitalization, protecting the supply chain, and modernizing security technology. Further, Executive Order 14028 “Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity” requires agencies to adopt zero trust principles and adjust network architectures accordingly. ISG’s Zero Trust Assessment approach and methodology aligns with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Zero Trust Maturity Model and is designed to provide you with a roadmap and resources to achieve an optimized zero trust environment.

Why Choose Invicta Solutions Group?

Trust nothing. Validate everything. Our experts understand Zero Trust security in complex, often fragile government environments.

Our team of experts leverage real-world deployment experience and a deep understanding of Zero Trust maturity to evaluate and guide you through each step of your security posture improvement initiative. For each engagement, we evaluate networks, endpoints, data, and identity maturity levels and translate technical findings into an easy to understand report. Each report offers a curated list of recommendations and solutions to accelerate Zero Trust implementation. After assessment, we also offer strategy implementation services.

Zero Trust Assessments

Whether you’re at the beginning of your security journey or looking for customized advice on how to close security gaps, our ZERO TRUST ASSESSMENTS baseline Zero Trust Assessment gives clear insight into the current state of your security posture. Our experts interview, validate and document their findings in a comprehensive report that helps stakeholders better understand the current maturity level, critical gaps, and the risks involved.